Ann Garrett Dancing With Light: Blog en-us (C) Ann Garrett (Ann Garrett Dancing With Light) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Ann Garrett Dancing With Light: Blog 120 80 Copyright Legislation There is legislation going through the UK legal system at the moment which affects and erodes all photographers' and artist's copyright.

Because of this I regret I feel it necessary to apply a distracting watermark to all images on my website.

This watermark is only applied to the web page images, the prints will not have this watemark.

If you would like to know more about the issue the two websites below have more information.

And if you would like to add your support to our efforts to make the UK government think again about this issue, the third website link is to the e-petition requesting the UK government to debate the issue in parliament.

Many thanks for your understanding.

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Lighting my Still Life Images I do most of my photography using natural light - I know where I am with natural light - what you see is what you get. I use reflectors and diffusers to modify the light if necessary. I used to have a large bay window where I could place my flowers and such - great light.

Now I use a greenhouse - fantastic light - even on a cloudy day. But you do get extremes of temperature ;) Coats (and sometimes wellingtons ;) ) needed in Winter; sunhat and iced lemonade in Summer. On a sunny day you also get extremes in the light - diffusers are essential to avoid burnt out highlights.

I am still debating what sort of studio lighting to get. In the meantime, I bought a speedlight (430 EX II) for my Canon (in 2012 at the Focus on Imaging show) and this year at the same show I bought a stand and a couple of brollies and a bracket to fix them all together. So now I had no excuse not to learn how to use them lol

I have no wireless trigger so I rely on the camera flash to trigger the Speedlight. No problem there unless the still life contains light reflecting objects - then you can see the on camera flash in the reflection, I can see I will have to look at wireless triggers soon.

I am enjoying experimenting with the speedlight but still feel I have much to learn. Putting the bits together and getting it to work was easier than I had imagined. I can see that getting the results I really want will take a bit longer.

I will be posting more about my lighting adventures - so stay tuned :)

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Google Reduce Price of NIK Software Bundle! For those who would like to use the impressive NIK Software plugins - Google (who bought the software company) are making the complete bundle of plugins available at a vastly reduced price. What used to cost nearly $500 is now just under $150.

In addition, if you own a plugin you should have received an email allowing you to download the complete pack absolutely free!

And they are not leaving existing purchasers of the complete pack out in the cold either as Google are offering a refund for recent purchasers.

From reading the announcement post at Google - if you fall outside the time limit, it could well be worth your time contacting support to see if they will offer the same refund.


The software bundle can be found at

And the announcement by Google can be found at

I was lucky enough to have bought the Viveza 2 plugin, so I'm now able to use all the plugins. I have to say this is a very impressive move by Google. Let's hope they continue to develop plugins which are already very impressive.

For an EXTRA 15% off the full package price - visit for a coupon code to feed in at checkout - works as of 3rd April 2013.



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Website Revamp Well - it took all day - but I managed to do a bit of website housekeeping - a nice new white background and cleaner look. It is so much easier reading on a plain white screen - it must be my age ;)

I have been spending some time in the studio lately experimenting with different lighting. I'm quite pleased with the results - check out the still life galleries to see my latest experiments.

Check back again for more details - I hope to write a blog outlining the lighting I feel works best for me.


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New Year Well, we reached 2013 then - in spite of 2012 being the End of the World  :)

I hope 2013 brings good health and happiness to all - and in the UK - a little less rain would be nice.

I have been experimenting with adding textures to a few images lately - some more successful than others. I like the flower experiments but the Christmassy ones seem to have worked out well too.

If you fancy experimenting with textures yourself, you can find lots of free textures at

There is a wealth of information there too to help you get started.


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New Shop at Society6 I have recently opened a  new shop at Society6, it's a small but growing collection of images available as small prints, canvases etc but more interestingly available as cases and skins for iPhones and iPads. Society6 also offer cushions, tees and bags.  for the shop for the cases - they do look quite cool. is a link for a free shipping promotion although the Promotion expires December 9, 2012 at Midnight Pacific Time and the offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert


Please remember that there may be extra costs such as customs duty to pay if you are ordering outside of the United States of America.

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Dancing With Light - Site Migration Increased costs at my last hosts prompted me to investigate alternatives.

I am now with Zenfolio and I am very happy so far.

It seems easy to navigate so I hope you will be able to find your way around.


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